Spending the night in style in

Villa les Bruyères

Where time stands still...

Holiday home for 12 people in Limburg.

Holiday home Villa les Bruyères.

Villa les Bruyères is a unique, stately heritage villa from 1910. It was renovated by us with much love and attention for authenticity. And although furnished with a wink to the early 1900s, it is still equipped with contemporary convenience. The high ceilings, creaky wooden floors and special details bring you back to the Belle Époque. Staying here is pure nostalgia! Villa les Bruyères is for 12 guests.

Due to its unique location, this is a special place for those seeking tranquility. The clocks in the villa stand still: you are on vacation only by forgetting the time.

A house with a story

Holiday home for 12 people in Limburg, Nagel-Brabants.


Hugo Nagel


Cornelia Brabants

The special story of Villa les Bruyères starts in 1910. Hugo Nagel, director of hotel des Anglais in Nice, married to Cornelia Brabants, daughter of the steward of Castle Vilain XIIII at Leut, built a villa in Lanklaer. What was to become a holiday residence nearby the canal is now a stately villa in an eclectic style surrounded by a spacious garden.

Holiday home for 12 people in Limburg, Madammeke Van Moll.



Maria van Moll-Peeters

The winter of 1921 was very cold... Cornelia dies and Hugo is left alone. In 1923 he meets a widow, looking for a quiet place to live where people also speak a little French. In 1923 Maria van Moll-Peeters moves into Villa les Bruyères. Next to the spacious villa she has a gardener's house built in the same architectural style.

Holiday home for 12 people in Limburg, Jeandarme-Quix.


 Marcel, Mariette, Marie-Thérèse, Paul and Godelieve Jeandarme-Quix 

Leuven was heavily bombed during the 2nd World War. Looking for a safe place and space for a chocolate factory, this family moves into Villa les Bruyères. In addition to manufacturing high-quality chocolates, luxury packaging is also created. The eldest daughter of the family will continue to live in the villa until 2019 and will run her shop with ribbons and packaging until then.